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Upcoming Projects

Empty printers tray with case of paint colour cards in front

I purchased this printers tray many years ago from a local flea market.  It will be elevated to Art for my home using a large collection of paint chips.


Check out the Blog post to see how it was Artified!

Large white apple sculpture approximately 16" tall

I discovered this large apple sculpture in 2016 at Homesense (like TJ Max in the US).  Although it is not suitable for outdoor use, I placed it in my garden under a crab apple tree.  It has deteriorated through the years and therefore time for it to be Artified.

Cork backed rigid placements by Pimpernel with pictures of roses.

I have 2 sets of Pimpernel placemats which I acquired recently from a lovely woman who was downsizing her home.  I've always admired them for their sturdy design and cork backing.  Unfortunately the floral design is not compatible with my current decor.  I plan to paint the surface for a more modern look.

Grouping of clear lucite rods approximately 1" diameter.

These 16 lucite rods were discovered at the Architectural Salvage Warehouse in Detroit Michigan.  I knew that one day I would make them into a beautiful piece of art.  When I assembled them for the photo I realized they are unequal in length and the holes through them do not align.  I will have to alter my initial plan for them.

Read my blog for completed projects
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