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Artified Living popped into my head one night as I tossed and turned, unable to sleep.  It was 1:27 am.  I thought "That's it", I "artify" things.  That is how I would describe my business and my brand.  For me, its kind of a philosophy; the desire to uncover the beauty and purpose in objects which others have abandoned or discarded.  The idea that "I can make something with that".  To see the potential in otherwise old and irrelevant objects and reimagine them as art for your home and garden.

My business has seen a lot of changes this year.  My focus has been on art development.  Like most creatives, I admire and research many techniques.  I'm currently creating mixed media, oil and cold wax abstract paintings.  I was accepted to exhibit at The New Art Festival, June 2022 and look forward to having the opportunity to participate in more art shows.  Artified Living has been a vendor at Art in the Garden, Kiwi Gardens, Perth in 2021 and 2022.  A typical day may find me  painting in my home studio, working in the garage to plan my next garden sculpture from repurposed materials, researching how to upcycle my newest found artefact, or updating my website and social media accounts.

I recently opened and curate the Stittsville Free Little Art Gallery.  It's located on my property at 1703 Stittsville Main St. and operates like a free little library.  More information can be found on Instagram @stittsvilleflag  

Headshot of Cecilia Troy wearing a grey blouse
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